who is mattpblake

I’m Matt – @mattpblake – I’m a guy from England who likes to not always be in England.

Over the last ten or so years I’ve not settled down, nor stuck to something for more than three years. Why? I have this urge to keep moving, to try out different things, see different places and meet new people. Most of all I am procrastinating from a life that was expected of me by society when I was growing up, but not the life I wanted, and, in 2015, not necessarily the life expected of anyone any more.

You could say I’ve been working and travelling for ten years, somewhat unconventionally.

Right now I’m living and working in Taichung, Taiwan. I moved to Taiwan in August, 2014 and have been here since – working as a teacher and creating YouTube videos to get back into creating content. They start here, and, continue until, well, now.

How did I end up in Taiwan?

Well… I had no real idea about Taiwan before I met a girl called Christina in Thailand, who I met on a trip to South East Asia and the USA, that I planned and earnt for while living and working in Reading, England, to pay off debt from working and travelling in the USA and being kicked out of Canada, a trip I had told people would “be it” and last for “maybe three or more years” but lasted six months, after working and living in Penryn and Falmouth, Cornwall, where I went to university for three years, except for three months in the middle in which I lived in Uganda, Africa, after living in Bournemouth, England trying to decide what to do at university and focusing on Photography, before which I had spontaneously decided to travel and live in California, visit Hawaii and backpack around New Zealand – where, ten years later, I aim to be again.

That is, briefly, where I have been for the last ten years.

Who am I?

You’ll really have to read, watch and interact to find out.

Cheers x