Unforgotten Film / #9 / Whoops! (two)

Week nine of Unforgotten Film; a black and white Ilford FP4 plus.

For a second week in a row we have a ‘sequel’ of sorts, in that this roll turned out to be another black and white roll from the behind the scenes of the movie Whoops!

As with last week, I recommend you read the previously published entry about Whoops! – Unforgotten Film / #2 / Whoops!

Since writing that post, a funny thing happened. I contacted my friend to let him know I’d written it, and to catch up, and then he told me that he’d been offered a job in Taiwan! He was invited to work on a project here in Taiwan and is here right now. What an incredible coincidence! We were fortunate to host him for an evening here in Taichung a few weeks ago, which was awesome. Hopefully we’ll see him again before he leaves in February!

So back to Whoops!.. When I was there I wanted to take more photographs of the camera crew so that I could give them the copies for their own promotional use. T also suggested this would be a good idea.

This roll has a more intimate feel with the crew, I think, and it also displays how much they are into their profession.

Again; an awesome time, and awesome group of people. If you haven’t yet seen Whoops! – it is an excellent example of current, independent British film-making.

For more information on Whoops! the movie, and to watch the trailer click here!

Next week, a roll of black and white Kentmere 400.



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