Unforgotten Film / #7 / A Roll Around The World

Week six of Unforgotten Film: a roll of Fujicolor SUPERIA X-TRA 400.

Some rolls of film follow you around the world.

This roll of film is one of those, and it did so within my camera.


I don’t remember loading the roll of film into the 35mm camera, but I think it was early 2015. The first image on the camera is of C sat on our porch in our old apartment, through the mosquito nets.

I must have taken the one photograph and returned the camera with loaded roll to its shelf.

A little while later, with our friends P and B, we went on a trip to Dakeng; we saw monkeys. I brought my 35mm “just in case” and ended up taking a couple of photos of the monkeys.

We came home and the camera with loaded roll returned to its shelf.

A month later C and I had decided to go on a weekend adventure to Tiger Mountain, and I wanted to bring my 35mm “just in case”. I took a few photographs; some on the way, some at the base and some on the summit.

We came home and the camera with loaded roll returned to its shelf.

Several months later C and I took a trip home to the UK and the USA respectively; I took my 35mm “just in case”. It accompanied me everywhere, but I only felt the urge to use it one stunning morning on the shore of Lake George, New York State, in the USA. I took a couple of photographs, and returned my camera to my side.

We came home and the camera with loaded roll returned to its shelf.

We moved apartment.

The camera with loaded roll and all my film had a new, dedicated shelf.

A couple of months after Lake George, we went on a camping trip with our friend and his family. I brought my 35mm “just in case” and took a few photographs before the dial clicked onto 36 and the roll reached its end. I wound back the film and ejected it from my camera, putting it in my pocket.

We came home and the camera returned to its shelf. The roll of film eventually joined the many other rolls of film on the film shelf.

A few months later I rolled a dice, picked the corresponding film, developed it, and here we are:


For about a year I had only one roll of film loaded in my camera, and I travelled with it around the world.

This tells me that while I obviously only took about 36 photographs with my 35mm in 2015, I had a desire to take many more. It tells me that that desire hasn’t left me from the days when I would take multiple rolls of film in a day. It tells me that my need to bring a camera, regardless of if I take photographs, is strong. But, it also tells me that last year I just didn’t often get the spark that makes my hand take my camera, bring it to my eye, adjust and shoot. And that is sad.

Here’s to getting the spark back.

Next week, a roll of black and white Kodak TMAX p3200.



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