Unforgotten Film / #6 / Calfornia Zephyr [One]

Week six of Unforgotten Film: a roll of Fujicolor SUPERIA 1600.


I fell for this country a long time ago, and I am very fortunate to be able to say I’ve seen a lot of it.

Before my respective road trips with C and my brother, I had previously crossed the USA by train, solo, twice. The first was in 2011 from New York to Chicago to LA to San Francisco, and the second, in 2013, from San Francisco to Chicago to New York.

These photographs are from a roll taken during the second journey.

Up until 2011 I was mostly shooting on black and white. In 2011, when I went to America, I decided to shoot in colour. To be honest it wasn’t a choice. Up until that point, and maybe even now, Britain was black and white to me, and America was colour.

In 2013 I knew I wanted to capture some of the dawn and dusk moments I’d experience on the three day journey across the country. So I made sure I had a colour roll of 1600 ISO film for one evening.

Part of my aim, eventually, is to collect and edit all of my trans-America photographs into a single, select edit. Until that happens, enjoy these:

If you’d like to see more from my 2011 trip, please visit my dormant photo blog.

Next week, a roll of Fujicolor SUPERIA X-TRA 400.



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