Unforgotten Film / #5 / Yellowstone

Week five of Unforgotten Film; a roll of Fujicolor SUPERIA 200.

This weeks roll is a cracker. We’re back in the USA, this time with my brother in Wyoming – specifically, Yellowstone National Park.

In 2013 my brother and I drove around North America. We started in Pennsylvania, drove up to Boston, over into Canada to Toronto, back through to Michigan and across to the West Coast, then down the coast, and back across the country to Louisiana, then finally back diagonally to PA again.

We documented this trip with video footage, with the intention to make it into my second RCL series (I will, one day, make it into a series).

I took photographs on 35mm, continually trying to capture the wild beast that is America.

And.. I also wrote a daily update, every evening, on Facebook.

I am sure this trip will pop up a few times during this weekly project, as all of the rolls of film taken ended up in the bag that we are now exploring. I am excited to find them all, aren’t you? For now, though, let’s remind ourselves of that day in 2013 in Yellowstone, Wyoming, and enjoy the beauty of the American landscape.

Day 9 – Wake up before alarm, don’t want to get up, get up, shower, breakfast (classic PB&J on rice cakes), clean tent (including the random puddles that had somehow formed), pack up tent, leave the campsite, go to McDonalds, coffee, wifi, planning, social media, leave west to finish the journey to Yellowstone, Yellowstone!, stop off in a lay-by that marks the entrance to the hike – Avalanche Peak -, get our shit together, start the hike, this hike is 4 miles long and two vertical miles, start with Blake pace, pause for breath, take a more sustainable pace, carve into a tree, half way, snacks, continue, reach the top, windy!, beautiful, can see a 360 degree view of Yellowstone, immense, photo opportunity, head back down slash slide back down, finish carving into the wood “BlakesUSA 2013”, get to the car, shattered, drive further into the park around Yellowstone lake, eyes heavy, trying to find a nice lake-side place for coffee, no lake side place for coffee, get some in a shop, coffee, drive to “Old Faithful”, Old Faithful!, wait patiently 40 mins for him to erupt, some teasing ‘squirts’ before he explodes, clapping!, sun-kissed, drive north to Grand Prismatic Spring, Grand Prismatic Spring!, some weird hot bath type pools too hot for humans (apparently), learnt that the whole of Yellowstone is a giant active volcano due to erupt any time (and is over-due), head north OUT of Yellowstone, bison!, many bison!, bison hiding in the trees, bison at Grizzly Lake, no bears at Grizzly Lake, no lake at Grizzly Lake, no bears ( frown emoticon ), is that a bear people are looking at?, no just deer, wait, deer being attacked by wolves!, don’t see it, but hear the whole thing, epic, dusk, go to investigate animal life when realise they are wild and wolves and we are easy prey, night, drive north to last town in Yellowstone, decide to not stay, leave Yellowstone, head north, arrive at the first town Livingston, Montana, check out the motels, chose the one independent one here, get told all about Andy the movie bear, check in, stuff on charge, dinner at all that is left open – McDonalds (large fries, Mmm), back to room, social media update, dump memory sticks, plan the last drive West to Seattle tomorrow (I90 for 700 miles), look forward to breakfast – bed! ‪#‎BlakesUSA‬

A great memory.

If you would like to see the post in Facebook, you can try here.

Next week, a roll of Fujicolor SUPERIA 1600.



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