Unforgotten Film / #4 / The Horse Farm

Week four of Unforgotten Film; a roll of HP4 DELTA 400, black and white.

This week’s roll of film was a welcomed discovery (although let’s be honest, every roll is and will be). I recognised compositions that I’d lined up nearly two years ago in the barn of a horse farm C and I were WOOFing on. It was actually about a month or so after the trip through Sedona that we remembered last week.

Driving around the United States of America is expensive. But. There are ways to make it more affordable.

One way in particular is WOOFing, or HelpXing – as we did. There are websites out there that connect people who have a desire to travel somewhere with people who have a need for help in that place. This ranges from organic farming and self-sufficient homesteads, to helping on a regular farm, to a hostel, to a small bed and breakfast in the middle of nowhere.

We wanted to do this a few times on our journey, but we really only had time to do it once; so we decided to work on a horse farm or ranch somewhere on the East Coast as we made our way home to Pennsylvania from Florida. The place we chose and contacted was right on the border of South and North Carolina, in the middle of nowhere. It was pretty perfect.

We had our own large room, paid for by our work, and free range of the house – including the kitchen. Our duties lasted from 8 – 12 in the morning and the rest of the time we had to ourselves; a common trend for this kind of arrangement.

We ended up doing a few main things: poop scooping and the cleaning out stalls, stacking hay bales and weeding. It was hard, but satisfying work; especially when you get results like this.

* * *
I have a love affair with the American West; horses, cowboys and riding into the sunset across the border. One day I will do that or something similar and it will be amazing.

While at University I was inspired by the stories of Cormac McCarthy, particularly his Border Trilogy. While I finished(ish) my graduate project a long time ago, I still have a desire to capture the feelings of those books in some of my work. So, while on the horse farm, I took the opportunity to try and take some photographs to capture those feels.

Next week, a roll of Fujicolor SUPERIA 200.



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