Unforgotten Film / #3 / Passing through Sedona

Week three of Unforgotten Film; an old roll of AGFA 200, colour.

Ok, I skipped Christmas. Merry Christmas! Today is also the 1st of January 2016 (OMG) – So.. Happy New Year!

Upon first glance I could tell this weeks roll of film was taken in America; the colours, textures and beautiful desolation. The locations baffled me, however, until I saw the striking Chapel of the Holy Cross – then I knew it was Sedona, Arizona, and, after C pointed out another location, it fell into place. I then noticed some were also from the very south of New Mexico, and, probably, part of Texas.. the memories began to return.

These photographs were taken on a road trip around the States C and I took, around May and June of 2014.

We had planned the trip based around two weddings – one in Las Vegas, and one in Florida – starting and ending in Pennsylvania. Along the way we wanted to hit as many places as possible that we wanted to see, drive some off-the track alternate routes, and see and stay with all our friends en route. After the wedding in Las Vegas we made our way to Scottsdale, AZ, to spend some time with C‘s childhood friend who now lived there. On one of the few days we were there, we hiked a local trail called Tom’s Thumb. The first picture is the view from the top – I think this roll of AGFA was the second or third roll of film I’d used on that hike.. So the others are still in the pile somewhere.

After Scottsdale, we hit the road North to Sedona – somewhere we had wanted to spend some time camping and hiking, but were unable to do so due to not having enough time. We managed to get there before the sun went down, and so we were able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area. Between the red rocks and the shadows caused by the setting sun, it was a beautiful place to witness. There were a lot of tourists where we had stopped, though, so we took it in and took off to continue North to Flagstaff to find somewhere to eat and sleep.

The next day took us diagonally through New Mexico; we stopped off in Albuquerque for lunch and continued South East to try and get into Texas before it got dark.

While on a similar trip the previous year, also passing through New Mexico, my brother and I discovered a chain of burger joints called ‘Blake’s Lottaburger’ – it was an amazing find, and creepy.. Amazing because the restaurant shared our family name, and creepy because the character of ‘Blake’ bore a striking resemblance to our father. Thoughts of a Breaking Bad double life sprung up, neatly in New Mexico too. Was our father the original Heisenburg? Bizarre.

Anyway, C and I stopped for dinner and enjoyed that fleeting moment of being somewhere in the middle of nowhere – Carlsbad, NM – eating from a restaurant you can only eat at in New Mexico – the exact same one I’d eaten at seven months prior with my brother – and being somewhere I’d quite probably never see again.

Then, as the sun dropped below the horizon, we crossed the border into Texas.

Next week, a black and white roll of HP4 DELTA 400.


*Edit / 3rd Jan 2016
So I had all this written and ready to go on Friday, but.. well.. New Year happened 🙂


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