Unforgotten Film

I have some undeveloped film. Actually you could say I have quite a lot. Over 50 rolls.


Since I graduated in 2010 I’ve tried to keep projects and ideas alive by taking photos here and there, as well as just taking photos here and there. I haven’t developed much since then, really. I did develop some rolls in 2012 that left to a photo blog then, now & maybe tomorrow, and some in 2013 in Vietnam that haven’t gone anywhere, and actually I don’t know where they are right now..

I have a multitude of projects on standby in my head – some big, some small, some doable and others really just pipe dreams ready for that day it all ‘happens’.

A large problem with accumulating so much undeveloped film is that it needs to be developed, and in the real world, post-Uni (where I had access to all the things I needed to develop for free), that costs money. Money and time. Two precious post-University commodities.

So in an effort to get gears back into.. gear.. I decided to do this thing called ‘Unforgotten Film’ every Friday. In the photo above you can see the films are lined up – there are 20 rows with three¬†left over films (out of frame). Each row, and the three¬†separate, are different types/makes of film. I have a D20 (20 sided dice) and every Friday I will roll the dice to see which row I will develop a film from, and then pick the next film in that row.

So I did that.. lets go through that again with pictures!

Step one, roll the dice:

unforgotten_film_friday_1_2 unforgotten_film_friday_1_3

Step two, find the film:

unforgotten_film_friday_1_4 unforgotten_film_friday_1_5

Step three, develop the film:


What happens next really depends on what treasures lay waiting in that little metal case. It could be cool, it could be boring, it could be literally nothing, or it could be the best set of photos ever!

I dropped that roll of HP5 today, so we’ll see next Friday what happens.. Stay tuned for Step four next week.

Exciting stuff!



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