Unforgotten Film / #2 / Whoops!

Week two of Unforgotten Film: a roll of black and white Kentemere 400.

This week we have progressed from Theater to Cinema! Quite an amazing coincidence that the first two films out of fifty are both behind the scenes photography.

In 2012 I was in a creative pit working full time in an office job. It had been two years since I graduated from Uni, and 5 years since I had graduated from my foundation year at Bournemouth Arts Institute. Why mention the foundation year? Because that was when I switched to Photography from Film, and it was also when I met one of my favourite people – T. While I focused on Photography, T studied Film and was specifically interested in cinematography. Despite our different focuses, we became inseparable, and the memories I have of that year will always remain a highlight. After foundation T and I split up, enrolling in different Universities at the opposite ends of England; he pursued his career studying Film Production and I bumbled along studying Fine Art Photography.

In his time at University and after graduation, T has been extremely committed to working in the industry he loves, developing the skills he needs to be in the position he dreams of. I am so proud of him for his dedication, and his achievements since we parted ways.

I digress.

Over the several years since Bournemouth, T made a lot of friends and contacts and, in 2012, some of those guys were producing a film called Whoops!. T was focus puller for the project and when he told me about it, my interest perked – I asked if I could come up and take some pictures. In my ‘pit’ as I called it, I had decided I wanted to start doing more weekend behind the scenes film photography projects as a way to create a portfolio and get going in a direction more creative and in an industry I find fascinating. T asked his friends and colleagues and they accepted, so we set a date and I headed to York where the film was being made.

I was there for two amazing days. I had a great time photographing and also helping out where I could – at some point I was an honorary set-design assistant. I met some awesome people, and, for the first time, I saw T in his element. Everyone there was in their element. It was inspirational.

I took a whole load of photographs on both colour and black and white film and sent them over to the Directors after the project. One roll (at least) must have been lost in my bag of undeveloped film… as here, in Taiwan, the other side of the world, I just got it developed and got to re-live it all again three years later.

These photographs were taken while shooting a murder investigation scene, with police (also the producer) and bystanders (also the crew) along with the actors and the rest of the crew.

If you want to know more about the film, check out the trailer and the website. Please do!

Next week: #3; a roll of AGFA colour 200.



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