Unforgotten Film / #1 / A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Week one of Unforgotten Film is here!

I took a roll of HP5 to be developed – they do their black and white developing by hand, in case you’re wondering – and picked it up today!

Exciting stuff!

What treasures lie beneath?

So, this roll of film is not what I was expecting, or hoping for to kick off the project – but, regardless, it was a weirdly pleasant surprise.

The film is from 2009, I think, at some point when I was at University. I’m pretty sure it was before Easter in 2009. Perhaps one of the guys in the film can confirm that. I had a few friends who were involved in the Drama Society and I persuaded them to let me come along and photograph them during one of their rehearsals.

The group were set to perform A Midsummer Night’s Dream. A classic.

Sadly I am not in touch with any of them any more. It feels like a dream looking back at these photos and remembering being at University. School and university seem like memories of some other life that someone else led, in some other time. There is truth to that, I think.

I hope the guys in the photos do not mind me sharing these images – I will inform them on the book of faces. Hopefully it will trigger some warm memories, or re-ignite forgotten friendships. I hope so.

A lot of the images are a little blurry – my experimentation in using HP5 400ISO indoors under florescent light with actors as subjects. However, I think it helps to get a sense of movement.. *cough*. Plus, grain. Gotta love grain.

Next week: #17; a roll of Kentemere B/W 400.



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