road coffee lens / part three: ok, so what actually is rcl?

I set out to make a series of my travels and my life in 2013 and I called it Road Coffee Lens. Over a year after that point, and after a lot of ‘life’ events, I uploaded the first video of that said series. I haven’t finished the series, and it’s now 2015 going into 2016. I will finish it, but it might look different to how it started.

Or, maybe, I should let it go.

Either way, I have covered where the concept came from in the past two posts (part one & part two). However, what actually is road coffee lens? What does it mean?

I could preach to you about how it’s a conceptual and metaphorical way of life.

I could say that Road Coffee Lens is about moving, enjoying moments and capturing the positivity and beauty, as well as the reality, of the world.

That Road is about moving forwards, looking towards the horizon. About walking to work, driving to your relatives house, flying to see a friend or going on an adventure in a foreign land. Travelling by foot, car, boat, train or plane. That it is about life.

That Coffee is about being still. About being reflective, calm, and in the moment. Sitting with your favourite drink by yourself or with a loved one or even a stranger. Ten minutes of feeling content, safe and warm. That it is about soul.

And that Lens is about seeing what’s around you. About photography and video, illustration and writing and talking. About sharing the world through your eyes, or borrowing someone else’s eyes to view the world as it appears to them. That it is about sharing.

I could.

But, really.. I like traveling: road; I like coffee: coffee; and I film my experiences and take the odd photo: lens.


That is really what it’s all about.

I could say it’s about escaping. And being inspired. And it is. But it’s also about me bumbling along and trying to justify that bumbling to myself and others with words and images.



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