There will always be a new horizon; it is, in its nature, infinite.

horizons-1There will always be a continuation of who we are, where we are, what we are doing or who we are with.

Life, landscape, dreams roll on and grow, expand and tease us into chasing them. Light dawns, darkness sets, ideas blossom, motivation staggers, we continue forward towards the horizon.

We change like the weather, we develop like continents, we grow like mountains, we expand like oceans, we come together like cities, we dream as birds silhouetted, we continue forward towards the horizon.

We stop, we think, we stand, we fall, we fail, we fluster, we try, we dream, we watch, we experiment, we continue towards the horizon.

The horizon is not death, we do not continue towards death, because past death we continue. Part of us continues. A part that is carried by others, family, friends, humans, memories. Then that person is carried by others, and so on, and it is infinite. We are the echoes of hundreds of generations, we carry them with us, we carry them forward towards the horizon.

I want to carry you with me, and inspire you to carry others – not just echoes, but others on their own path forward.

So join me on this journey, continue forward, with me, towards the horizon.



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